Tim Cardura titanium dioxide

Guangxi Dahua anatase titanium dioxide DHA-100

Description: Guangxi Dahua DHA-100 titanium dioxide by sulfuric acid production process, the product after silicon, aluminum coated treatment, with white, high-quality finish, a strong scattering power, low iron content, fine and uniform particle size, in particular, having excellent water dispersibility. For Guangxi Dahua DHA-100 offer welcome to contact us, Tony Green Lee Chemical for your dedicated service, seashells Qingli provide reliable chemical products, eliminate all fake and shoddy products!
product description
Guangxi Dahua DHA-100 titanium dioxide anatase titanium dioxide, non-toxic, chemically stable. Whiteness, brightness, gloss, hiding power, tint and strong, good dispersion, excellent weather resistance and anti-chalking. Our products are widely used in paints, plastics, paper, printing ink, chemical fiber, rubber, cosmetics and other industrial production.
product description:
Brand: Tim Cardura
Model: DHA-100
Delivery form: In Stock
Packing: 25kg / bag
Applications: Paper, powder coatings, plastics, masterbatch manufacturing
Storage: The product should be stored in dry and ventilated place, pillows stacked, avoid moisture open dumps.


  Item numbers

Index Name

Index values


TiO2 content% (m / m)



Scattering power (compared with standard sample) ≥



Oil absorption, g / 100g≤



PH value of water suspension



45υm sieve residue,% (m / m)



105℃,%(m/m)TiO2 content% (m / m)
Scattering power (compared with standard sample) ≥
Oil absorption, g / 100g≤
PH value of water suspension
45υm sieve residue,% (m / m)
105 ℃ volatile matter,% (m / m)
Water extract resistivity, Ωm≥



Water extract resistivity, Ωm≥


Properties and Applications

DHA-100 titanium dioxide hydrophilic, lipophilic, which overcome the general dispersion of titanium dioxide in their system easily dispersed, easy precipitation and other defects, significantly improved its dispersion and anti-settling, making your product more stable and satisfaction. Weather resistance, and good compatibility with other raw materials cosmetics
Titanium dioxide is also known as DHA-100 a-100, high brightness, high scattering of light in water, can be well spread out. It is a very stable amphoteric oxide, not toxic, not easily dissolved in water, and there are not reacting acids in the atmosphere, is a major determinant of the characteristics of the crystal.

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