Pan Gang Titanium Dioxide

Panzhihua Iron and titanium dioxide by sulfuric acid method is a process for producing rutile titanium dioxide. After zirconia alumina inorganic surface treatment, surface modified with a special organic treatment agent, having high blue phase, easily dispersed, high weather resistance, high hiding power, low oil, good system compatibility, excellent processing rheology and other characteristics, is an oily, high-quality plastic and titanium white. It can be widely used in polyolefins, PVC, ABS, PS and other masterbatch, profiles, sheet, pipe, and also be used for leather paste, oil-based paint

Application Features

Blue bottom phase: The average particle size of the titanium dioxide R-248 is close to the theoretical optimum particle size and small particle size of TiO2 particle size is more effective than large scattering of blue light, so it has more blue bottom phase and excellent whiteness .
Excellent dispersion: Special surface treatment of inorganic and organic surface treatment reduces the contact between the TiO2 particles, so that R-248 in the application process showed excellent dispersion. Thus wetting, easy grinding.
LOW OIL: R-248 in low oil, so maintaining good processing properties of titanium dioxide in the application process of plastic.
High weather resistance: R-248 coated treatment process using zirconium, titanium dioxide improved weather resistance and heat resistance, chemical resistance and thus very stable.
Good System Compatibility: R-248 special organic surface treatment, very suitable for non-polar system and oil system, so in the application showed good system compatibility.
Packaging: 25 kg paper plastic bag or mixing 500,1000 kg plastic bags.
Model: R-248, R-258, R-298

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