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Tobacco Pests
Tobacco budworm40% dimethoate  EC750-1500ml/ha
3% Emamectin benzoate SC60-75ml/ha
2.5% lambda-cyhalothrin EC3500-4500ml/ha
2% matrine AS1200-2250ml/ha
9.4% thiamethoxam + 4.6% deltamethrin SC150-225ml/ha
7% lambda-cyhalothrin + 3% emamectin benzoate ME90-120ml/ha
2% abamectin + 8% methoxyfenozide SC450-600ml/ha
10% chlorantraniliprole + 50% pymetrozine WDG120-150gm/ha
Tobacco Aphids
70% acetamiprid WDG25-30gm/ha
70% imidacloprid WDG45-60gm/ha
70% thiamethoxam WDG25-45gm/ha
9.4% lambda-cyhalothrin + 12.6% thiamethoxam CS75-150ml/ha
9.4% thiamethoxam + 4.6% deltamethrin SC150-225ml/ha
40% dimethoate  EC750-1500ml/ha

Tobacco Diseases
Tobacco Virus20% moroxydine hydrochloride WP3000-3750gm/ha
50% chloroisobromine cyanuric acid SP700-900gm/ha
16% moroxydine hydrochloride + 4%                   copper acetate WP3000-5000gm/ha
16% moroxydine hydrochloride+ 2% albendazole WP950-1125gm/ha
8% ningnanmycin AS950-1250ml/ha
Tobacco Brown Leaf Spot10% polyoxin WP 1125-1350gm/ha
50% chloroisobromine cyanuric acid SP750-1200gm/ha
80% mancozeb SP1800-2400gm/ha
Tobacco wildfire disease15% zineb + 37% copper oxychloride WP2250-3000gm/ha
46% copper hydroxide WDG450-600gm/ha
80% bordeaux mixture WP1200-1350gm/ha

Tobacco Weeds
 Annual gramineous weeds 50% napropamide WDG3000-4000gm/ha
10% quizalofop-P-ethyl EC450-600ml/ha
45% pendimethalin CS1650-2250ml/ha
64% metolachlor + 16% clomazone EC1200-1500ml/ha
25% rimsulfuron WDG75-105gm/ha

Tobacco Growth Regulate
Growth Regulator125g/L flumetralin EC250-300 times dilution
360g/L butralin EC80-100 times dilution
40% ethephon AS1000-2000 times dilution
30.2% maleic hydrazide AS40-50 times dilution
0.00052% indol-3-ylacetic acid + 0.135% gibberellic acid + 0.00031% brassinolide WP3500-5000 times dilution
2% uniconazole + 28% pendimethalin EC160-200 times dilution

Tobacco Nutrition
The growth period of tobacco is 160-180 days, and the seedbed period is about 60 days. It is divided into emergence stage, cross period, rooting stage and seedling stage. The field period is 100 to 120 days, and is divided into a slow seedling period, a rooting period, a prolonged period, and a mature period. Generally, for every 1000 kg of flue-cured tobacco leaves, nitrogen (N) 22 kg, phosphorus (P2O5) 11.6 kg, and potassium (K2O) 48 kg are required. The ratio of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium is about 1:0.5:2. Tobacco is both a potassium-producing crop and a chlorine-free crop. It requires more potassium and prefers nitrate-nitrogen fertilizer, but it is not suitable to apply chlorine-containing fertilizer. Tobacco requires different amounts of fertilizer during different growth stages. The seedbed stage requires less fertilizer before the cross period. After the cross period, the amount of fertilizer needs to increase gradually. The amount of fertilizer needed is the most in the 15 days before transplanting. The amount of nitrogen absorbed during this period accounts for 68.4% of the total amount of tobacco nitrogen in the seedbed stage. Phosphorus 72.7%, potassium 76.7%. In the field stage, the nutrients were absorbed less within 30 days after transplanting. At this time, the absorption of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium accounted for 6.6%, 5.0% and 5.6% of the total absorption during the whole growth period. The period of heavy fertilizer absorption is 45 days to 75 days after transplanting. The absorption peak is in the cluster and bud stage. During this period, nitrogen absorption is 44.1% of total nitrogen uptake, 50.7% of phosphorus and 59.2% of potassium. Since then, the amount of nutrient uptake has gradually decreased. After the topping, due to secondary roots, the nutrient uptake has risen again, which is 14.5% of the total amount of absorption. However, at this time, the soil contains too much nitrogen, which is easy to cause long-term, black smoke. , should not be baked.
       Fertilization technology
       1. Fertilization in the seedbed: The time for tobacco seedlings is short, requiring fast growth and strong seedlings. The characteristics of fertilization are that the base fertilizer is required, and the top dressing is uniform and timely.
       (1) Base fertilizer: use fully decomposed farmyard manure. For every 10m2, you can apply high-quality manure or pig manure 100-150 kg, and potassium sulfate compound fertilizer 0.5~1 kg. If you can, you can apply cake fertilizer and dry chicken manure.
       (2) Topdressing: The seedbed topdressing should be chased and chased by light, the dosage is from small to large, and the concentration is light to thick. Generally, when four leaves and seven leaves are used, each is topdressed once. A total of 1,500 kg of pig manure is applied per mu of seedbed.
       2. Fertilization in Daejeon: According to the characteristics of fertilizer needed for tobacco to be rich and rich, old to be poor, and to grow into a fertilizer, it is necessary to re-apply the base fertilizer, apply fertilizer early, and grasp the opportunity to topdress.
       (1) Base fertilizer: generally combines arable land with ridges and acres to produce 3,000-4,000 kilograms of manure, 100-150 kilograms of cake fertilizer, and 30 to 40 kilograms of 51% pure sulfur-based compound fertilizer.
       (2) Topdressing: Generally, the topdressing is 1~2 times, and the one-time topdressing can be applied to 5~6 leaves, and the 45% high-nitrogen high-potassium compound fertilizer (potassium sulfate type) is applied for 15-20 kg. Divided into two plots of topdressing, each time 10 to 15 kg of high-nitrogen and high-potassium compound fertilizer per acre, the first time 10 days after planting, the second time after planting 20 to 25 days, not later than planting After 30 days. Top dressing can be applied to acupoints or ditch, and the depth of fertilization is 10-20 cm. Too deep and too shallow is not conducive to the absorption and utilization of tobacco plants.


二维码.png Add: No.707 LianMeng Road,Shijiazhuang,Hebei,China 050000
Tel: +86 153 50599845
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Skype: agrolee312
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