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Paddy Pests
Paddy Leaf folder1% emamectin benzoate+20% chlorpyrifos ME750ml-1000ml/Ha
30% indoxacarb WDG100g-135g/Ha
1% imidacloprid+34% monosultap WP1300g-2100g/Ha
5% emamectin WDG150g-200g/Ha
Paddy Shell Pest16000IU/mg  bacillus thuringiensis 1500g-4500g/Ha
Yellow Paddy Borer1% imidacloprid+34% monosultap WP1300g-2100g/Ha
15% chlorpyrifos+15%triazophos750ml-900ml/Ha
Paddy Asiatic Borer24% methoxyfenozide SC300ml-400ml/Ha
1% imidacloprid+34% monosultap WP1300g-2100g/Ha
0.2% abamectin+19.8% triazophos EC900ml-1200ml/Ha
Paddy Sesamia Inferens0.3% matrine AS1000 times dilution
Paddy Plant Hopper10% nitenpyram+60% buprofezin WDG300g-g/Ha
10% pymetrozine+40% isoprocarb WP600g-1200g/Ha
50% pymetrozine WP150g-200g/Ha
20% nitenpyram+60% pymetrozine  WDG75g-150g/Ha
10% Nitenpyram AS450ml-600ml/Ha
Paddy Thrips90% monosultap SP500g-660g/Ha
35% carbosulfan DS800-1200g/100kg seeds

Paddy Diseases
Paddy Bakanae Disease25% prochloraz EC2000 times dilution
1% prochloraz+2.5% metalaxyl WP1000g/80kg seeds
7% thiram+2% prochloraz+9% carbendazim FSC1000g/30kg seeds
Paddy Sheath Blight30% tebuconazole+20% azoxystrobin SC150ml-225ml/Ha
240g/L thifluzamide SC180ml-360ml/Ha
15% propiconazol+15% difenoconazole ME300ml-375ml/Ha
30% hexaconazole SC195ml-255ml/Ha
Paddy Blast20% fenoxanil SC900ml-1500ml/Ha
900g/l prochloraz+90g/l propiconazol EC450ml-600ml/Ha
75% tricyclazole WP 300g-400g/Ha
40% sulfur+5% tricyclazole WP1800g/Ha
Paddy False Smut50% tebuconazole+25% azoxystrobin WDG150g-225g/Ha
430g/l tebuconazole SC150ml-225ml/Ha
50% tebuconazole+25% trifloxystrobin WDG150g-225g/Ha
Paddy Stripe Disease50% chloroisobromine cyanuric acid SP750g/Ha
1% fungous proteoglycan AS1500ml/Ha

 Annual gramineous weeds15% cyhalofop-butyl EC600ml-800ml/Ha
20% acetochlor WP450g/Ha
4.5% bensulfuron-methyl+15.5% acetochlor WP420g/Ha
 Annual weed240g/L oxyfluorfen EC600ml/Ha
50% mefenacet+3% bensulfuron-methyl WP600g/Ha
25g/L penoxsulam SC600ml/L
Barnyard Grass 50% quinclorac WP450g-750g/Ha
15% cyhalofop-butyl EC600ml-800ml/Ha
75% pyrazosulfuron-ethyl WDG22.5g-37.5g/Ha

Paddy Growth Regulate
Increase tillering25% paclobutrazol SC,15% paclobutraol WP1500-2000 times dilution
5% prohexadione calcium TB300g/Ha
Promote yeild and ripening40% ethephon AS800 times dilution
Growth boost20% gibberellic acid SP140g-180g/Ha
0.01% brassinolide SP3000 times dilution

Paddy Nutrition
The normal growth and development of rice requires 16 nutrients, namely carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, silicon, calcium, magnesium, sulfur, iron, manganese, copper, zinc, boron and chlorine. The first seven species are a large number of elements, the latter three are medium-quantity elements, and the last six are trace elements. Among them, carbon, hydrogen and oxygen are obtained from water and air, and others are mineral elements, which need to be obtained from the soil. The demand for silicon in rice is very high, about 10 times that of nitrogen and 20 times that of phosphorus. Rice is also called "silica plant".
       After 3 days of rice transplanting, the application of nitrogen fertilizer is the tillering fertilizer, and ammonium sulfate is preferred. At this time, quick-acting nitrogen should be used, and urea should not be applied to meet the demand of the first nitrogen requirement in rice. The amount of topdressing is 20 kg/ha of pure nitrogen and 100 kg/ha of ammonium sulphate; in the 5.5 leaf stage of rice, 20 kg/ha of pure nitrogen + 60-80 kg/ha of effective silicon, and 100 kg/ha of silicon sulfate Fertilizer (calculated according to the effective amount of silicon); when the 10th leaf of rice is stretched, the 11th and 12th leaf varieties are about July 2-8; the 13th and 14th leaf varieties are purely between July 8-13. Nitrogen 20 kg / ha + pure potassium 45 kg (equivalent to urea 50 kg / ha + potassium chloride 75 kg); if there is a phenomenon of de-fertilization after heading, you can apply urea 20 kg / ha, if there is no de-fertilization, you do not have to top dressing.


二维码.png Add: No.707 LianMeng Road,Shijiazhuang,Hebei,China 050000
Tel: +86 153 50599845
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