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Wood villa and accessories description:
Species: Russian larch, Pinus sylvestris, oak, birch
Structures: lightweight frame structure, heavyweight log structure, heavyweight beams structure.
Our wood villas are not only sold domestically, but also exported to Canada, France and Japan etc.
We have a professional wood villa design team, providing hundreds of solutions to meet various of customer’ requirements.
We produce various types of wood villa accessories: outer wall moldings, inner wall moldings, stairs, floorings as well as other accessories.

We have produced Siberian pine(pinus sylvestris) wooden houses for many years. It has two types---glued-laminated wood house and round log house. Both of them can be easily installed and maintained. Siberian pine has long-term growing period, so it is much stronger than other species, like spruce and fir. So our houses are against from heavy snow, earthquake, rain. You will live safely and comfortably. With special chemical painted on wood, our house can prevent from termites from attacking. Our houses are applicable in seaside, forest, desert and land. Lifespan is as long as fifty years. Maintenance is very easy---paint wood wax every three~five years.
For more photos and introduction, please go to http://www.harbinsybs.com/ew/index.php

Our Advantages

1.Geography. Our factory is located in Manzhouli, a boarder city that is closed to Siberia. That made us easy to get high quality siberian larch logs/lumber.
2.Experience. Nearly all workers in our factory have been working for over 5 years, some of them worked over 10 years. They know how to produce quickly but precisely. They foucs on every detail of quality.
3.Drying kilns. We have our own steam drying kilns, so we can accurately control water content of lumber. Water content is very important for scantlings.
4.Customize. Apart from ordinary specifications and quality, we can also produce customized specifications and quality.

Our philosophy

Honesty management, win-win cooperation, customer first, innovation and development, commitment to customers

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